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Disc with Integral Bearing Fitting Instructions

24 Aug 2020


1. If the axle is clean, slide the disc onto the axle, taking care to ensure the bearing inner ring isn’t forced out of alignment
2. If the bearing inner ring has been moved from the outer ring, it must be re-aligned before fitting the retaining nut. Re-align the bearing inner ring whilst rotating the disc by hand simultaneously and if necessary, slide a cylindrical tool over the axle to push the bearing ring backwards

NB: Tightening the retaining nut may not re-align the bearing inner ring successfully, and the bearing will move around and cause
excessive noise – the former causing the ABS ring to come into contact with the ABS sensor

3. Tighten the retaining nut to the recommended torque (using a suitable torque wrench), whilst rotating the disc by hand at the same time

NB: It is vital that the correct torque is applied and the disc is rotated as the nut is tightened to ensure the bearing adjustment is correct and has an extended service life

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