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We Know Quality

The NAPA PROFORMER range of braking products features a constantly growing selection of parts covering over 90% of the UK car parc. Designed and rigorously tested to match OE specifications for a replacement that exceeds expectation, NAPA PROFORMER braking is all about providing an aftermarket alternative that does not compromise on form or function.


From pads to discs, our selection of braking parts implements several manufacturing-level innovations to promote quality and longevity that never falls short of the OE baseline:

Anti-Corrosive Materials

All our brake discs are made from grey cast iron, and both our hubs and disc edges are coated in a zinc-aluminium compound with anti-corrosive properties for parts that perform better and longer against outside elements.

Heat Dissipation Optimised

Our discs are resistant to thermal deformation and distortion thanks to their superior ability to dissipate heat.

NVH Suppression

Noise, vibration and harshness can have a surprising impact on the overall driving experience. NAPA PROFORMER braking parts are designed to keep the braking system as quiet as possible without impacting braking precision or performance.

We Know How

At NAPA, Know How is everything. We understand the importance of safety in braking products. All NAPA PROFORMER Brake Pads and Discs are supplied with a 25 month or 25,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first) to ensure security both on and off the road. This ensures that every installation is tailored to keeping our customers protected should the worst come to pass.

Our team of technical experts are on hand to provide support and guidance on our range of braking products. This can cover anything from installation best practices to regular content releases addressing frequently asked questions regarding our other product ranges. Quality may begin with the product, but there is never an end to our Know How.

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