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The NAPA and NAPA PROFORMER ranges of braking products provide a two-tiered solution to meet all requirements. Designed and rigorously tested to stringent quality standards, NAPA Braking delivers reliable aftermarket brake pads and discs that cover 99% of all cars and LCVs in the UK and Ireland, including electric vehicles.


Our selection of brake parts implements several manufacturing-level innovations to promote quality and longevity that never falls short of OE quality.

NAPA Braking

Precision-made using advanced robotic technology, the NAPA Braking range offers a direct replacement for OE parts.

NAPA Brake Pads & Discs undergo testing more demanding than R90 and R13 industry standards to guarantee the range meets or exceeds OE specifications. The NAPA Braking range benefits from a shorter stopping distance and bedding-in time, boasts an excellent AA noise rating level, and NAPA brake pads wear up to 3 times slower for an extended lifespan (in comparison to NAPA PROFORMER).

NAPA Brake Pads:

  • Directional pad technology
  • Coated back plates
  • CleanCoat™ premium friction surface coating
  • ProBed scorching treatment
  • ANR triple-layer shim design
  • Environmentally friendly EcoBond adhesive
  • No heavy metals, exceeding EU regulations

NAPA Brake Discs:

  • Warp-resistant OE vent design
  • Anti-NVH non-directional finish
  • Anti-corrosion Onyx Guard protective coating

The NAPA Braking range is backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty guarantee.


NAPA PROFORMER provides great value and quality assurance with OE-matched braking parts. Manufactured to R90 standards, NAPA PROFORMER Brake Pads and Discs are precision-engineered for a secure fit and excellent braking performance.

The range offers:

  • Directional pad technology
  • Anti-corrosion metals
  • Partially coated discs to prevent contamination
  • Optimised heat dissipation to prevent warping
  • NVH suppression with a BB noise rating

The NAPA PROFORMER Braking range is backed by a 25-month/25,000-mile warranty guarantee.


At NAPA, Know How is everything. We understand the importance of safety in braking products. In addition to our two tiers of warranty protection (see above), all components are produced in factories tested to ISO9001 and IATF 16949 standards and rigorously tested to guarantee quality at every level.

Our team of technical experts are on hand to provide support and guidance on our range of braking products. This can cover anything from installation best practices to regular content releases addressing frequently asked questions regarding our other product ranges. Quality may begin with the product, but there is never an end to our Know How.

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