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NAPA Truck’s range of Air Tanks & Straps guarantees excellent certified quality. With extreme pressure testing and anti-corrosion protection to the internal and external surface, NAPA Truck provides an exceptional Air Tank solution. Outstanding under pressure!


The NAPA Truck Air Tanks & Straps range covers all major vehicle manufacturers with 44 Air Tanks & 5 Straps in the range.


All NAPA Truck Air Tanks are designed and manufactured according to precise OE specifications. Every component has been tested to DIN EN286-2 meeting and exceeding required standards.


NAPA Truck Air Tanks are manufactured using 2.5mm gauge steel for better durability rather than the industry standard of 2.0mm.


At NAPA Truck, Know How is everything. While our Air Tanks are built to handle extreme pressure, we like to lessen the load where we can. All NAPA Air Tanks come equipped with a 2-year warranty, so any purchase you make is supported by our commitment to providing all our customers with industry-leading quality and service.

Our team of technical experts are on hand to provide support and guidance on our range of Air Tanks. This can cover anything from installation best practices to regular content releases addressing frequently asked questions regarding our other product ranges. Quality may begin with the product, but there is never an end to our Know How.


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