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Wear leads are an essential safety feature of the braking system. When brake pads wear thin, the sensor makes contact with the metal brake disc and activates the dashboard warning light. NAPA Wear Leads are designed and tested to last the life of brake pads, giving you the confidence to fit and forget.


Our comprehensive range of wear leads consists of a growing selection of part numbers adapted to the most popular applications to support the needs of modern technicians and consumers.


Produced in a cutting-edge facility that consistently adheres to the exacting standards of the automotive industry, NAPA Wear Leads are subject to rigorous production and testing procedures that ensure all products meet OE specification and quality.

Before a wear lead can make it into a NAPA box, it must pass:

· Tensile Strength Test

· Salt Spray Test

· Durability Test

· Isolation Resistance Test

· Dimensional Characteristics Test

· Appearance Inspection

NAPA Wear Leads are only dispatched after meeting the criteria laid out by these tests. Adhering to this practice ensures that every wear lead we produce guarantees quality performance with every purchase.


All NAPA wear leads are manufactured in a fully certified production facility to ensure quality in every part. The plant is certified to automotive and quality standards ISO9001 and IATF16949, as well as the environmental standard ISO14001.


At NAPA, Know How is everything. We understand the importance of safety in braking products. Every wear lead in our range is supported by a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty that protects your part against any unforeseen complications.

Our team of technical experts are on hand to provide support and guidance on our range of braking products. This can cover anything from installation best practices to regular content releases addressing frequently asked questions across product ranges. Quality may begin with the product, but there is never an end to our Know How.


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