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Oil Colour and Associated Myths

08 Feb 2024


Committed to quality, NAPA partnered with Valvoline™ Global Operations to develop a range of high-quality fluids, using the most advanced technologies and base oils available.

NAPA Oils are compliant with BER and EELQMS (European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System) standards. The full range is backed by a 100% manufacturer’s warranty guarantee* to deliver the quality assurance you come to expect from NAPA.

NAPA Oil BottleOil Colour Myths

There is a common misconception that the colour and/or smell of engine and transmission oils can define the quality of the oil inside the container. This is not the case. Instead, it’s important to consider: has the right balance of chemicals been chosen to cover the given application?

Quality in Every Drop

Valvoline — and by extension, NAPA — sells “fully formulated” fluids, meaning no other external additives need to be added for the product to perform optimally.

Valvoline chemists spend hours in research and development, perfecting the formula to ensure each oil is the right product for its given application, whatever that application may be. In both engine and transmission oils, the colour of the fluid has no bearing on the quality or chemistry of the oil.

The new NAPA Oils range, as developed by Valvoline, is guaranteed to meet or even exceed the quality of what was used previously. With excellent base oil and additive performance, only true quality makes it into a NAPA bottle.

European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System symbolAs part of our QMS (Quality Management System), we rigorously test and audit every batch for quality before it leaves the factory. The service of third-party laboratories ensures transparency and consistent improvements.

Valvoline uses only the highest quality base oils and additives, blended by an expert team of chemists. Rest assured that the fluid you are using has been carefully chosen and prescribed.

Finding the Right Oil

It is best practice to choose the right oil for the right vehicle. We recommend:

*Providing the application is as given in the NAPA Technical Data Sheet


Do you have further queries? Our dedicated Oil Support specialists are available at [email protected] to provide direct guidance and advice.

For in-person support, book a TechMate visit today! Contact the team on 01174 288090 or email [email protected].

All other technical support is available via our expert NAPA Technical Team on 03333 136597 or email [email protected].

This bulletin is supplied by Alistair Weston, Technical Applications Manager of Valvoline™ Global Operations.


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Oil Colour and Associated Myths

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