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Know How – Technical Bulletin – TB-NFO-01

01 Mar 2021


Oil Pressure Issues on PSA 1.2 VTI Engines

The Issue

Instances of the oil pressure warning light remaining on after an oil filter replacement have been documented on some 1.2 VTI PSA engines. This could lead to the assumption that the oil filter is not providing sufficient oil flow to the engine. Our technical review of the filter has found no issue with its function, but we have provided recommended actions to prevent this from occurring.

The Solution

1. Priming

Pre-fill or ‘prime’ the filter with clean oil before fitment. The oil pressure will be at the optimum level immediately and prevent any system errors.

2. Removal

Lightly lubricate the oil filter seal and proceed with fitment.

3. Air-Locks

If the issue persists after the installation of a pre-filled filter, there may be an airlock present. While the engine is turned off, loosen the filter slightly – this will release any air trapped in the system. Then re-tighten the filter.


NAPA recommends pre-filling/ priming and lightly lubricating the filter seal before the fitment of an oil filter for all applications (where possible).

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